51% are using technology donations to boost CS education across all 50 states
46% are employing newly-completed CS training and concepts to their classrooms in 40 states
3% are utilizing new Makerspaces and Making concepts in schools and libraries in 14 states
2,539 Teachers

Hyattsville, MD

“This 3 day Bootstrap training has taught me more than I could have ever imagined. As teachers we learned that we too are students. I enjoyed the lesson and practice of making mistakes and correcting them as well as the importance of teamwork. My students will benefit from learning this unique program that incorporates math, coding, programming, and unit testing.”Takia Toomer, 6th grade teacher

Pittsburgh, PA

“I wish I could have brought all 45 of my staff members to this Maker Education Initiative workshop. …it’s been helpful to understand how you can incorporate making and how people in different parts of the country are all in the Maker movement.” Dr. Michelle Welther, Principal, Springdale High School

San Francisco, CA

A high school teacher sharing her excitement about teaching CS. Jennie Lyons, CS Teacher, San Francisco Unified School District


Montclair, CA

“CSPD Week was easily the best professional development that I’ve attended. There are 3 things that separate it from every other conference or workshop that I’ve attended: the place, the people, and the content. Best week of PD ever”.Marc Buchanan, Montclair High School CS Teacher

Paterson, NJ

“ I am so excited to bring this new AP Mobile Computer Science Principles course to my students this year and I know they will be excited about this opportunity as well. ”Mr. Lakind, International High School

Spokane, WA

“The format of this PD was awesome. I loved going through content with the experts sharing out what to emphasize and giving tips." Feedback on teacher training

Jamaica, NY

“This CS training was great!! I learned so many strategies on how to engage my kids. We were supplied the whole year. This will be my 1st year teaching CS; I was nervous that I would struggle and not be able to connect real world problems with the curriculum. I now have more confidence and I am equipped with all the knowledge I need to have a great school year. ”Ms. C. 12th grade teacher, Hillside Arts & Letters Academy, Title 1 School

West Palm Beach, FL

“I really enjoyed CSPDweek. I hope we can take Bootstrap to school and make it an after-school program.”Lora W., Roosevelt Middle School Teacher

New York, NY

“NYAS facilitated KIBO as an example of an activity that is engaging, fun, allows for physical play, for children 4 - 7 years to be creative. The staff overwhelmingly enjoyed KIBO and agreed it is a good activity for youth. Candace Reyes-Dandrea, Deputy Director, Capacity Building Unit, NY Schools

Orlando, FL

“Being able to see a young girl actually design an application from start to finish—or a web site from start to finish gives me great joy and pleasure --it builds confidence in her and lets her know that she can continue to do this as a career path.” Laine Powell, Founder, TechSazzyGirlz
69% are enjoying new hands-on CS learning experiences via donated tech
3% have gotten hands-on CS training via 179 hackathons, workshops, clubs or in-school programs
28% are learning CS because of grants made to train their teachers
134,529 Students

San Jose, CA

“I liked this CodeNow workshop because I am learning a lot about programming and time management with the 25-minute work and 5-minute break. I’m also learning a lot about Ruby and implementing that in my Java class…in my AP Computer Science class. Girls are very underrepresented in this computing field and that is one of the reasons that is driving me to learn code because I want to become a computer scientist and a business woman." Hanya, 17, Senior at Branham High School, San Jose, CA

Santa Clara, CA

“Technology is used everywhere and that’s why it’s useful to know how to code. It’s interesting for me to learn about the variables that make up a code. Just one error can cause a code to malfunction.”Halle K., age 12, GirlsWhoCode Club Member at Santa Clara Public Library

Providence, RI

“I had lots of fun playing and struggling with this.” --Miriam “Doing code brightened my day.” –Dario “Before I didn’t know much about coding but I was amazed.” –Bunmi “…inspired me to not give up on what I want to do.” --Joanly Paul Cuffee Middle School students in coding classes led by IntraCity Geeks

Atlanta, GA

125 students, with no prior or exposure to computer science, went from design concept to building a mobile app. Team Aluna presented their winning design. Post-event survey revealed 87% have a positive perception of studying CS; 62% want to pursue CS in college; 67% expressed in interest in a career in CS.

Los Angeles, CA

31 students from South East High School enrolled in a Code as a Second Language (CSL) Academy which encourages an entrepreneurial mindset aimed at the creation of mobile apps and website development.

San Francisco Bay Area, CA

“Logic is the study of everything, seeing how things work. From implication elimination to truth tables, we learned amazing things. Almost every day I use proofs that I learned to explain basic concepts of life. I absolutely love the logic puzzles that made us think in a different way that I've never thought before. Not only was it informative, it was the best two weeks of summer. I would gladly go back! ” Josh Singh, Logic Summer Camp student

Cedar City, UT

"It’s cool that there are so many choices that you can use to make your robot do different things." --Brenna M., 5th grader, Cedar North Elementary & CMU's CREATE Lab

New York, NY

“Before ScriptEd, all I knew was that I had big dreams and I needed to know the skills to make them happen. Now I actually enjoy coding and don’t see it as nuisance but rather the most essential part of creating the apps or websites that I want to show the world.” Patricia Santana, ScriptEd participant & high school junior

Palo Alto, CA

“All of the students enjoyed the coding portion of the class. They loved creating their programs and discussing them with the class. The students also enjoyed building the bridges. It was amazing to see them draw various designs, discuss their designs and explain their projects to the teacher.” Chiara Perry, Director, PAUSD Special Ed
47% can offer new CS learning experiences via new laptops, tablets, software, or Makerspaces
47% can offer new CS classes taught by newly trained teachers
6% have held CS-related hackathons, workshops, clubs or in-school programs
2,490 Schools

Crossville, TN

“My students come in with an enthusiasm and an eagerness that is hard to match in other classes. They have learned how to create their own apps. My students go home and work ahead on the curriculum because they are so excited about it. They share their accomplishments with their classmates and their peers. With so many jobs of the future being related to computers and technology, my students have taken a giant leap ahead of other students their age. " Ms. Herring, CS Teacher, Cumberland County High School

St. Francis, SD

“My students will inherit a world where technology is a skill set that is a necessity for success…They are excited to create Google Sideshows, make videos, record podcasts and songs, and edit essays through Google Docs without having to print multiple times. Technology has made it easier for students to acquire collaborative skill sets with their peers and classmates in and out of the classroom." Ms. Ruhlin, 9th grade teacher, St. Francis High School serving Lakota Sicangu Oyate tribe

Revere, MA

“I do believe it will be empowering for my students---this Making Mobile Apps course will be a way to engage and interest many students in programming. I hope to draw more minorities into computer science with this course as is one of the goals of the Massachusetts Exploring Computer Science Partnership.”Mr. K, Revere High School

Saint Gabriel, LA

“In order to break the poverty cycle, students need real-world, marketable skills. Coding is the perfect solution to this problem. Computer coding is a professional skill with a high earning wage and high growth is projected for this job outlook. My students utilize computers and software daily in the classroom. By taking the next step of converting them from "computer users" to "coding creators," I can provide the springboard to launch them on the path to a successful career.”Ms. Cardwell, East Iberville High School

Gallup, NM

“Coding and computer programming is so exciting for my students. It's like they don't even know they are learning. They are enthusiastic about their progress and love help each other figure out tricky sequences and want to do their best.” Ms. Van Dorp, Indian Hills Elementary, “Highest Poverty” where 71% of the students receive free or reduced lunch.

Atlanta, GA

The STEM program for 3rd and 5th graders of Hollis Innovation Academy will pilot the CREATE lab and tour their neighborhood, create a map telling local stories about human rights, and map local availability (and lack) of healthy foods. Hollis is in the heart of a significantly under-served Atlanta area (over 95% free and reduced lunch. $15K average annual family income). CREATE Lab from Carnegie Mellon

Placentia, CA

“Every student should be able to have access to a rich educational experience, and my personal mission is to give CS access to every type of student. All students want to engage, learn, and create. I believe giving them CS skills can open their minds to express themselves in ways they have never been given yet!”Mr. W. 11th grade teacher, AP Computer Science Principles