87% formally trained in CS Ed and teaching CS in all 50 states
13% received new classroom tech to boost hands-on CS education
130 teachers trained in Maker Education to enhance hands-on learning in schools, libraries, and museums across 32 states
13,763 Teachers
97% benefitted from CS classes instructed by newly trained CS teachers
70% attended 264,220 CS education-focused events including hackathons, workshops, camps, in-school & after school programs
99,247 enjoyed hands-on CS learning via new tech donations
4,740,146 Students
90% benefitting from newly trained CS & Maker Ed teachers, and 86% hosted hackathons, workshops, camps, or classes
6% can offer new learning experiences via donated tech
Nearly 90 Makerspace resources and related curriculum now collectively shared across schools, libraries, or museums
21,814 Schools

Underrepresented groups: high poverty, rural, urban, African American, Latinx, Native American, female, or autistic/special needs.

Data is as of October 4, 2018

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