Pathfinders Institute

The Pathfinders Institute is an intensive in-person professional development experience for K-12 public school teachers in computer science and maker education. #InfyPathfinders pairs teachers from across the country with a diverse group of PDs for high-quality, hands-on training.

Applications for the Pathfinders Winter Institute in Providence, RI are now closed. Please check back soon for information on the Pathfinders Summer Institute.


This signature event brings thought leaders together to explore ideas on increasing access to high quality education in computer science, coding and making, with a particular focus on equity and inclusion. Attendees share the same goals: how to best use effective education as a driver for greater diversity, faster economic growth and better preparation for 21st century careers. #InfyXRoads.

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Infy Maker Awards

If our future is invented by those who can make, how might we help individuals acquire the foundational skill of Making? Key skills such as problem solving, critical thinking, and creativity are experiential in nature and can be developed over the course of projects and making.

Through the Infy Maker Awards program, we support today’s makers at schools and in communities, encouraging them to become our next generation of inventors. This #InfyMakers awards program, launched in June 2015 to celebrate the White House’s “National Week of Making”, recognizes the Maker Movement and inventors.


We launched the #WhyIMake video campaign to create a platform for makers to tell their own stories, serving both as role models and inspiration for others. Short videos showcase stories from prominent makers and invite others to share their own #WhyIMake stories on various social channels.

Our newest #WhyIMake video features Rebecca Anders, an Oakland, California-based artist and maker whose works of metal and mixed media sculpture focus on fascinating elements of human society and the natural world. Previous episodes include Girls Garage Founder, Emily Pilloton, NASA astronaut Don Pettit, master maker Adam Savage, co-host and executive producer of MythBusters, Atari founder Nolan Bushnell and his family, as well as actor, author and woodworker Nick Offerman.

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Infy Ed Talks

#InfyEdTalks are short, one-on-one video conversations with Infosys Foundation USA partners who are pioneers in the computer science and maker education fields. We speak with leaders about their unique stories and learn about the innovative approaches they are taking to increase access to CS and maker education for K-12 students and teachers across the United States.

#InfyEdTalks: Ravi Kumar S and Hadi Partovi

#InfyEdTalks: Ravi Kumar S and Vince Bertram

#InfyEdTalks: Kate Maloney and Charles Best



Bi-weekly tweet chats where guest hosts engage the Twitterverse and invite dialogue, share insights, and answer questions on a given topic. Every second Monday of the month we’ll discuss a CS Ed-related topic, every fourth Monday of the month Maker Ed initiative-related.

Schedule for 2018:

  • September 10 & 24
  • October 22
  • November 12
  • December 10

Schedule for 2019:

  • January 28

Archived chats can be found here.

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