Coming Together for the K-12 Community

By Kate Maloney, Executive Director, Infosys Foundation USA @kmaloney4791 | April 06, 2020

Together, we are facing a historic challenge that has redefined every facet of our lives. Thousands of schools across the U.S. have closed and millions of children are learning at home in makeshift classrooms that parents and caregivers have constructed with whatever space and devices are available. Covid-19 has disrupted the concept of the traditional K-12 classroom and redefined the role of teacher in this new virtual world.

If there is a silver lining to the chaos and daily unknowns, I would point to the inspiring reflections and heartfelt social media posts that sprout daily from parents: “I have never had more respect for teachers…”; “Our teachers are our true heroes…”; “I don’t know how they (teachers) do it!”

At the Infosys Foundation USA, we couldn’t agree more. Our mission has always been in service of K-12 teachers – working to increase their access to computer science and maker education so that they can prepare their students for the technological demands of the future.

Every day, but especially today, we want to add to this chorus of well-deserved praise and shine an appreciative light on the true heroes who are battling COVID-19 on the educational frontlines:

  • K-12 teachers who are trying to ensure their students stay the course by adapting their curriculums for virtual delivery or PDF packets.
  • Parents who are battling home connectivity challenges, re-learning unfamiliar academic concepts and balancing the demands of their own “fulltime” jobs.
  • Students who are being tested to learn in news ways while sharing study nooks with siblings, using screen time for instruction instead of play or vying for attention from caregivers who have now added ‘teacher’ to their resumes.

In support of all, we are proud to announce that the Infosys Foundation USA is opening the Pathfinders Online Institute to any teacher, parent or student who seeks innovative computer science or maker education lessons at home – for free. This platform features a variety of educational activities and resources from multiple providers and in the coming weeks will host livestreamed lessons, such as virtual family code nights, to support a dynamic homeschooling experience.

A heartfelt acknowledgment and recognition of everyone who is innovating and stepping up to the role of teacher. We invite you to log-in and join us in this new virtual classroom!

Coming Together for the K-12 Community