Evolving from #InfyEdChat to #InfyXRoads Chat

By Rebecca Schupp, @BecciSchupp Social Media Coordinator at Infosys Foundation USA | September 25, 2017

For the past year Infosys Foundation USA has hosted 22 educational #InfyEdchats via Twitter covering both Computer Science Education and Maker Education related topics.

#InfyEdchats have brought together like-minded individuals in the virtual world to meet, exchange thoughts, and brainstorm ideas on how to bridge the digital divide and enable students and teachers in the United States to become creators, not just consumers, of technology.

Over the past year, our #InfyEdChats have become more interactive, mirroring the types of rich conversations that occur at CrossRoads, the Foundation’s annual in-person conference.

In the spirit of the in-person CrossRoads gatherings, we are now retiring the hashtag #InfyEdChat and will continue the educational bi-weekly chats with our #InfyXRoads hashtag.

We will launch the new hashtag in our session on Monday, September 25 at 5PM PT / 8 PM ET, where we’ll be discussing Learning Maker-Centered Education. Guest host will be Trey Lathe, Executive Director at Maker Education Initiative.

If you've joined any of our tweet chats (or even if you haven't), do stop by and say hello. You can also catch up on previous sessions on Storify.

Upcoming #InfyXRoads hosts this year are Kaustav Mitra (Infosys Foundation USA), Hal Speed (Micro:bit Foundation) and Corinne Warnhuis (Girl Develop It).

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