Four things you need to know about the Pathfinders Summer Institute

Febuary 28, 2019

Infosys Foundation USA will host its second annual Pathfinders Summer Institute (#InfyPathfinders) from July 14-19 at Indiana University Bloomington. This is an immersive week of hands-on, in-person instruction for K-12 public school teachers to help them develop skills in Computer Science and Maker education. Whether you are a first-timer or a returning participant, we want to ensure that you are prepared for what’s in store. Here are four important things you should know about the program:

1. It's all about teachers:

We know that 90% of parents want their child to study Computer Science , yet access to relevant coursework in K-12 public schools across the United States is limited. Expanding CS education nationally is dependent on a variety of factors, but a key component is equipping educators with the knowledge and skills they need to bring CS and Maker education into the classroom. Teachers can choose from 21 diverse courses based on their classroom needs. Pathfinders Summer Institute focuses on teachers so that they can access the training they need to educate their students and prepare them for jobs of the future.

It's all about teachers

2. Applications are open:

The application process has already begun so if you are interested in joining us this July -- apply now! The program is open to all K-12 public school teachers with special consideration given to high-needs schools, teachers from under-represented communities, those new to teaching CS and Making and districts demonstrating significant commitment to these subjects. We are accepting applications until April 15, 2019, but admission is on a rolling basis so we encourage you to apply as soon as possible. Before applying, be sure you have selected your course, downloaded an administrator letter of support and collected your school’s data from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES).

3. 50/50 funding model:

CS and Maker education training – robotics, coding, scratch, Python – sounds expensive, we know. That’s why if you get accepted into Pathfinders, it’s a 50/50 funding model. That means that 50% of your total program costs (airfare, airport transfers, conference meals, accommodation, tuition) will be covered by Infosys Foundation USA and we ask you to help raise the other 50% through your local school, PTA or by setting up a project on

4. Pathfinders is a community:

Pathfinders Summer Institute is a week of in-person learning, networking and innovating, but the fun doesn’t stop (or start) there. Join the Pathfinders Facebook page to connect with fellow educators and professional development providers to exchange tips, share resources and trade stories about your experience with CS and Maker education.

Pathfinders is a community

Still have questions? Check out our FAQ or visit the Pathfinders Summer Institute website for more.