Introducing New Trustee: Skyler Mattson

October 30, 2019

In October 2019, Skyler Mattson, President, WONGDOODY, joined the Board of Trustees of the Infosys Foundation USA. Skyler sat down to share a little bit about herself and what excites her most about the Foundation.

1. Introduce yourself, what do you do, what's your background?

Skyler Mattson

My name is Skyler Mattson and I’m President of WONGDOODY, a human experience (HX) agency. As creators of HX, WONGDOODY uses consumer insights to design engaging, memorable experiences for clients, customers and employees. We were acquired by Infosys in 2018 to add front-end creative capabilities to the back-end data and technology power that Infosys provides. Together we can create true end-to-end solutions for our clients.

In my role I oversee operations at the agency and our integration into the Infosys family. I ensure the successful delivery of our services and strategize opportunities for growth.

2. What makes you passionate about the work that the Foundation does?

I am both professionally and personally invested in the work the Foundation does. As a professional in the tech industry I know how important it is to equip students with the computer science skills they need to thrive in the digital economy. I also know that a more diverse workforce drives more successful business outcomes. And all of this starts with the democratization of computer science and maker education - making it available to every student and educator in this country. On the personal front, I have three sons under the age of 10. I want them to have educators who are armed with the knowledge and tools they need to encourage and inspire creativity, critical thinking, curiosity and passion.

3. Is there a specific issue related to computer science and maker education that you are particularly passionate about?

Although I’m a mom to boys, I would love to close the gender gap in CS education and help inspire more girls to graduate with CS degrees and pursue careers in the field. The path to successful careers in tech needs to be open and encouraged for all.

4. What do you hope to contribute as a new Trustee of the Infosys Foundation USA?

I look forward to using my marketing and communications background to help drive mass awareness and participation in the Foundation’s work. The teachers who participate in the Foundation’s programs are advocates and their voices can be amplified to reach even more of their peers. And the students they impact have inspiring stories to share - those can be leveraged to drive further support. Telling stories to build loyal advocates is what I do - and to do this for the Foundation would truly be an honor.

5. What’s a fun fact about you that may surprise people?

I peaked at twelve years old when I was crowned Miss Pre-teen USA.