Celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week 2020 (#ThankATeacher)

May 04, 2020

This week, May 4-8 2020, is Teacher Appreciation Week. Celebrated every year during the first week of May, it is meant to honor all of the amazing educators around the country for the work that they do throughout the year. Teachers influence the lives of millions of children every day. This year, it is more important than ever to recognize them for their outstanding hard work now that schools are closed and classrooms have gone virtual. While there are many ways to show your thanks, here are a few things that parents and students can do to #ThankATeacher this week:

  • Send a note: Gifts are great, but sometimes thank you notes are even more significant. Send your teacher a virtual card, email or short video message with words of gratitude to let them know their work matters.
  • Post a photo: Share a picture of your teacher or your entire class on social media this week with the hashtag #ThankATeacher.
  • Chalk your walk: Throughout the pandemic, young children have been taking to the street to share images and messages of hope. Why not do the same for teachers? This week, use chalk to design a thank you note to teachers for the whole neighborhood to see.
  • Give an award: Make a special award or certificate that honors your teacher for their amazing work and send it to them.
  • Make a classroom contribution: Give teachers a little something extra this year. Whether it’s supplies for their students, hardware or software to help with distance learning, or professional development to sharpen their skills, thousands of teachers have project pages on with funding requests. Find a teacher in your area and give back today!
  • Tell the Principal: If you think your child’s teacher is doing a great job, share your praise with their principal. Extra recognition can go a long way and be a big confidence boost, especially in these trying times.

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Celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week 2020 (#ThankATeacher)