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How to Apply

If you would like to apply for Pathfinders Winter Institute, please follow the steps below:

  • Special note: For all Rhode Island teachers interested in a Computer Science Fundamentals from the University of Rhode Island, please DO NOT start the Pathfinders application. Instead, go directly to the application located here.
  • Identify and select the course that best suits your needs or interest.
  • Download Administrator Letter of Support.
    • Fill in all necessary fields noted by << >>.
    • Print a hard copy for signature by school principal or authorized district administrator
    • Scan signed support letter
    • Save as PDF (e.g. LASTName_FIRSTName_AdministratorLetterofSupport.pdf)
    • Keep PDF handy during application process as you will need to upload it.
    • For those teachers interested in the CS Awesome course, it is required that you use a special Administrator Letter of Support, downloadable here

Collect your school’s data from National Center for Education Statistics (NCES); Enter in your school’s name, city, state to find your school’s information. Keep this data handy during the application process as you will be required to enter it.

  • Click "Apply Now"
    • Create account to begin online application. (Be sure to save your account credentials.)
    • Add and to your "safe senders" list to ensure communications do not get caught in your spam filter.
    • Check your email for receipt of your application. Save this email and your confirmation number since you will need it for revisiting your application at any time.
    • Reference the FAQs for additional information about waiting period, funding and travel policies and procedures.

Upon notification of acceptance, please begin to secure your funding to ensure your participation in Pathfinders Winter Institute. All courses except CS Fundamentals and CS Awesome require you to raise funds. Please select one of the following two options:

  • 5a) Funding via school, district or PTA
    • Upon acceptance to Pathfinders Winter Institute, 70% ($1,638.70) of your fees will be paid by Infosys Foundation USA to cover airfare/train, airport transfers, conference meals, accommodation, tuition, and if applicable, post-training support. You are expected to raise the remaining 30% ($702.30) of funds to attend. Please work with your school principal, district, or PTA to secure this funding.
    • Provide school, district or PTA the appropriate invoice (included with your email notification of acceptance) along with instructions on how to remit payment. Secure and submit your 30% funding no later than Thursday, January 16, 2020 to ensure your participation.
    • If you are successful with this funding, skip ahead to Step 6.
  • 5b)
    • If you plan to create a project to attend the Pathfinders Winter Institute, the amount you will need to fund raise will be $2,216. This cost includes transportation (flight/train), lodging and conference registration costs. This cost does not include meals. When you arrive at the conference, you will receive a $125 Visa Gift Card from Infosys Foundation USA to be used for your meals during the conference and will not need to fundraise this amount.
    • provides a platform for any teacher to secure funding to attend Pathfinders Winter Institute, regardless of the availability of funding from their district. Creating a project on to fundraise only takes a few minutes.
    • You will receive a special 3X match from Infosys Foundation USA, tripling each donation you receive. Unlock your Infosys Foundation USA match by following these instructions from
    • The last day to create a project is December 16, 2019.
    • Create and post your PD project on to attend Pathfinders Winter Institute, using the unique campaign code the Pathfinders Team will share with you when you are accepted by the PD course leader. If you plan to create a project to fundraise, please submit your Pathfinders application by December 9th so that you can submit your project on by December 16th. Note that the project will need to be fully funded by January 16, 2020 to ensure your participation.
  • Log into the application system at any time to review the status of your application.
  • Check your email for notification of acceptance. Please note that:
    • All applications (including yours) will be immediately placed on a default waitlist while under review. Acceptances will be made on a rolling basis based on priority categories including: high-needs schools, schools outside major urban centers, teachers at schools with significant under-represented student populations, teachers new to teaching CS and making, and districts demonstrating significant commitment to these subjects by sending multiple teachers or counselors.
  • Save all attachments from your notification of acceptance email. Your email will have one invoice for funding from your school, district, or PTA. If you are raising funding through please follow relevant steps.
  • Depending on demand, we may not be able to accept all teachers who apply. The last day for accepting teachers into a course is Dec 16th, 2019. It is possible that you may not receive notification of acceptance until that date, though you will likely hear back much sooner.
  • Check your email for confirmation that your funding is complete.
  • Expect to receive an email from the Pathfinders Team starting the week of December 1, 2019 with your travel arrangements.
  • Review and approve your flights/trains within 24 hours.
  • Print out email (to be sent 2 weeks prior to start of event) with everything you need to know before arriving, including classroom details, room details, etc.
  • Update your rooming preferences at this time.


If you have questions regarding the Pathfinders Winter Institute application, please contact the Pathfinders team at: or call 888-499-7700 or 763-447-3777. Customer Service hours are 8:00am to 4:30pm, Central Time, Monday thru Friday.

If you are active on social media, consider joining the Pathfinders Facebook Group to connect with various PD providers and with your fellow teachers from around the US.