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COVID-19: Pathfinders Summer Institute 2020 Health and Safety Update

At the Infosys Foundation USA, the safety and security of our teachers and professional development providers is our number one priority. While we understand the growing concern around Coronavirus (COVID-19) across the country, as of now we are planning to move ahead with the Pathfinders Summer Institute 2020 as planned. We are in regular contact with Indiana University Bloomington and PDs, and are following advice from local authorities and the CDC to ensure that all attendees are safe and secure while attending Pathfinders.

Should this status change, we will notify all attendees and post updates to our website, social media channels and here. In the meantime, please find answers to specific questions in the FAQ below. If any of your concerns are not addressed, please contact our team at


1. What is your current preparedness plan?
We are in regular contact with Indiana University Bloomington and our conference providers, and are following daily guidance from public health officials. Health and safety are our top priority. As we continue to monitor the situation, we will make updates to our preparedness plan in accordance with recommended practices and ensure all of our attendees have as safe a conference experience as possible.

2. Is there an opportunity to attend the Pathfinders Summer Institute 2020 virtually?
At this time, there is no virtual attendance option planned. If we receive updated guidance from the CDC and local authorities, we will explore other ways to convene the professional development.

Additionally, teachers who have attended previous Pathfinders Institutes are encouraged to connect with their fellow alumni, access course material and share resources via the Pathfinders Online Institute. If you have any questions or login problems, please contact

3. My school is closed and I am unable to get a signature for the administrator letter of support. Am I still able to apply?
We understand that many schools and districts across the U.S. are closed due to Covid-19. In response to this, you can submit a copy of an email from your principal or administrator that expresses their approval for your participation in the Pathfinders Summer Institute along with the administrator letter of support. You will not need their signature on the letter itself, but we do request you share proof of their support.

4. What is your cancellation policy?
If a teacher cannot attend the Pathfinders Summer Institute 2020, the cancellation policy follows the following rules:

  • If funding through DonorsChoose:
    Prior to a teacher’s project being fully funded, a teacher can cancel and any donations to their project will be returned to donors through the normal DonorsChoose process.

    After a teacher’s project has been fully funded, if the teacher's flight has not yet been booked and paid for by the Pathfinders team, the funding can be returned to the donors through the normal DonorsChoose process. If the flight has already been booked, teachers will not qualify for a refund.
  • If funding through schools, districts, PTA or other:
    If a teacher cancels before airfare is booked, the funds will be refunded back to the school district. If airfare is already booked, no refunds will be provided.

5. If Infosys Foundation USA cancels the Pathfinders Summer Institute, will my tuition fees be refunded?
As of now, the Pathfinders Summer Institute 2020 is scheduled to take place. All details of the event being cancelled, postponed, or a virtual format offered would trigger new parameters which we will disclose in plenty of time to all attendees.

6. Where can we find updates?
We will continually update this page with new information. Please check back regularly for updates.

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