Rebecca Anders

Artis Rebecca Anders on why there is more to making than talent.


Emily Pilloton

Emily Pilloton of Girls Garage, whose work introduces young girls to Making where they learn more about themselves and develop new skills.


Don Pettit

Don Pettit discussing what it’s like to be a maker in space.


Nick Offerman

Nick Offerman talks about how Making is his love letter to the world


Adam Savage

Adam Savage talks about what Making means to him and what inspires his Maker journey.


Nolan Bushnell

Nolan Bushnell and his family talk about what Making means to them and what it meant to grow up Making.


Why do YOU Make?

Share your inspiration

Tell the world how you harness your inherent human creativity and potential, and read compelling stories from others who think the same way.

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Web Ryan

Because others enjoy the product of my labor

Twitter @mattkenefick

I make because solving problems and exploring your abilities is the most endlessly satisfying feeling there is. #WhyIMake

Twitter @DavidLNorris

I make to shape my world, improve quality of life, to share knowledge. #whyIMake #makers #makerspaces

Twitter @TechNationShow

#WhyIMake We make because it gives us freedom, to extract ourselves from our daily lives and live in a world of infinite possibilities.

Twitter @BonPacific

#WhyIMake: Because if I didn't I would go mad. Making is a part of who I am

Twitter chrisadzima.com

I make to make the world a better place and feel that excitement of creation

Twitter arrayedindreams.com

I make because I am inspired, and that inspiration may be aesthetic or it may be character.

Twitter @BackspinDJ

Most of it boils down to making being fun. I can sit there and then say "I had fun making this, and that's the important part." #WhyIMake"

Twitter @AllenEducators

We learn best by play, we learn best by actually doing things

Twitter @BonPacific

#WhyIMake: Because if I didn't I would go mad. Making is a part of who I am.

Twitter @MichaelFarnet

#WhyIMake My dad was a maker though it was called hobbyist in 1949. Here he is with a steam engine he made.

Twitter @Brendan_A_Dolan

Adam, we've been members of the same community for nearly 15 years, you know #WhyIMake I've been working to make a new scarf man. #RPF

Twitter @FXBOY4EVA

"I build stuff to sate my curiosity. If it doesn't make someone smile, it should at least make them think. #WhyIMake”

Twitter @BackspinDJ

Most of it boils down to making being fun. I can sit there and then say "I had fun making this, and that's the important part." #WhyIMake"

Twitter @JonEilertsen

I'm one in 7.3 billion people and things weren't made for ME, that's #WhyIMake

Twitter @xanthm

An investment in the maker movement is an investment in diversifying the playing field in business and technology. #whyimake

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Maker Promise


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Fab Foundation


Access information, tools and a community to build Fab Labs and makerspaces.



Find projects, research and professional development resources for maker education.

Make Schools Alliance


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Infy Maker Awards


Supporting Makers to share innovative solutions to challenges

Nation of Makers


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Free eBook, maker materials kits, how-to guides, project ideas, etc.

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A family-friendly festival of invention, creativity and resourcefulness, and a celebration of the Maker movement.



An online community with freely available instructions for a wide variety of projects from electronics to crafts.

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