‘Coading as a Second Language’ Boot Camps

The Hispanic Heritage Foundation (HHF), a nonprofit engaged in positioning Latino leaders in the classroom, community, and workforce, hosted two Coding as a Second Language (CSL) boot camps sponsored by Infosys Foundation USA. These boot camps were organized for 75 students of West MckenInburg High School and Rocky River High School, in Charlotte, North Carolina. CSL is a national initiative that introduces young people to computer programming and makes technical training and careers accessible to students across the country.  


These coding boot camps introduced students to computer science through a block-based learning curriculum. At the boot camps, students learned to build games and gaming applications. Students loved the boot camps and the mentors gained excellent exposure to a diverse group of students. Computer science is an important facet of education as it helps young people build necessary skills for success at school, work, and life. 

HHF is committed to providing students with resources to technology, and Infosys’s vision is possible by allowing students to stay connected with year-round access to the Latinos on Fast Track (LOFT) Innovation leadership and workforce development programs including STEM symposia, innovation fellowships, youth awards, mentoring and other work-based learning opportunities.