Hackney School of Food

Infoscions spent the day volunteering at Hackney School of Food, whose mission is to educate primary schoolchildren about food and healthy eating.

In September 2023, Infosys employees volunteered at the Hackney School of Food, a Community Interest Company with a crucial mission: Educating primary school children about food and healthy eating. Despite its proximity to central London, a staggering 28% of Hackney's children live in poverty. This means their families struggle to make ends meet, having an income less than £264 a week before housing costs have been deducted. In fact, Hackney holds the unenviable title of having the fourth highest rate of child poverty within London.

Thankfully, the Hackney School of Food has been a beacon of hope since its launch in March 2020, having positively impacted over 10,000 primary school-aged students. A dedicated team of twenty Infoscion volunteers further extended their support by maintaining the school’s teaching garden by weeding, hedging and composting – this garden is used to educate children about the providence of their food. This hands-on approach contributes directly to the school's mission by allowing children to learn about the origins of their food, fostering a deeper understanding that empowers them to make healthy choices for a brighter future.