Volunteering to Drive the'Hour of Code'

The freezing temperatures and the snowy December weather did not dampen the enthusiasm of our dedicated IBPO volunteers, as they took the lead from their Centre Head, Jan Skotak. They were men (and women) on a mission, having just kick-started the ‘Hour of Code’ initiative to teach a set of introductory courses in computer science to school children in the Czech Republic. They had volunteered to be part of the ‘Hour of Code’ global movement, which trains students in over 180 countries in computer science. They were seeking to drive the initiative in the cities of Prague and Brno also.

Over the course of the last seven months, these volunteers have taught over 750 students from eight different schools through 28 sessions. And what a positive experience it has been for everyone! Not only was the team able to dispel the myth that computer programming is tough to learn, but went further to demonstrate the power of connected experiences to enrich local communities.

The students were thrilled to participate, share, and learn about how computing is so relevant in almost everything they do in their lives. And it wasn’t just them; their parents and teachers benefitted too. Not simply because the kids were not bothering them for an hour.

In fact, the courses have been so well-received that some schools are even considering adding them to their syllabi. So what better way to celebrate than with an early Christmas present last year, which has now turned into a lifelong learning gift for these students!

With such glowing feedback, it really does seem now that the need of the hour is the ‘Hour of Code’ – for everyone.