Mentoring the Creators of Our Future

Where: Sydney 
When: Saturday, August 15 
What​: A Young ICT Explorers contest 

Yes, that’s right, the non-profit Young ICT Explorers was at it again, this time in Sydney. Encouraging innovation and a passion for technology in school-going children, as a means to curb the growing ICT skills mismatch in Australia. And what a turnout it was! Over 225 students from ages 3 to 12, across the country, crossed paths to showcase and pitch some of their truly unique technology projects in a contest. Infosys leaders — Andrew Groth, VP & Regional Head, and Joost Hoeve, Partner of Infosys Consulting — volunteered as judges. 


Each project was carefully assessed for creativity, uniqueness, quality, level of difficulty and documentation. There was passionate discussion in the judges’ room about the projects and their merits. It was amazing to learn how much the kids knew about technology, and the enthusiasm and confidence they demonstrated in their projects. 

Both Andrew and Joost didn’t miss the opportunity to connect and collaborate with these young makers. From sharing thoughts and guidance, to pitching and listening to ideas, they along with the teachers, ICT-industry experts, and partners shared, learnt, and found much to take away. 

In the end, it was all about the students and Andrew summed up that sentiment when he commented, “Our future is in good hands! It was a real privilege to be involved in the program and I look forward to doing even more next year.”