Collective brush strokes that go a long way

New York Cares is the largest volunteer management organization in the city with over 56,000 volunteers from 1,300+ affiliated organizations. And it’s no surprise that volunteers from Infosys are active participants. So when their latest project, to paint and beautify 70 of the city’s schools, was announced our team was there – ready, willing, and able.

Led by our regular volunteers, Rohit Singhal and Priyadarshini Bajoria, 20 Infoscions headed to Michael Friedsam, a local Brooklyn school. There, they not only painted the walls but also tried their hands at creating a few murals. Those volunteers who weren’t involved in painting, sorted, organized, and tidied up the school library, while others spruced up the garden.

By the end of the day, the fruits of their labor were clearly visible. Everyone was beaming, including the teachers, who saw the atmosphere in the school change right before their very eyes. Suddenly it was brighter and felt more welcoming to the school’s 1000+ students.

The team’s work was well appreciated not just by the school but also the local community. And in effect, our volunteers had added more than just a dash of color to a Brooklyn school; they had brought some extra cheer to so many young lives.