Volunteering to maintain community green spaces

On the occasion of Earth Day celebrated globally on April 22, Infosys volunteers in New York reaffirmed their commitment to the community and the green spaces around by participating in the New York Cares community event. Led by Rohit Singhal, a group of 20 Infosys volunteers visited the Roberto Clemente Community Garden in Bronx, New York, to paint and waterproof the garden structures, plough garden beds, chop compost materials, and assist with other gardening tasks.

It was a great day out for the volunteers, who really got their hands dirty revitalizing and sprucing up the garden in time for the planting season. Though the space is well-known for its beautiful trees, the garden shone with the efforts of Rohit and team.

Members of the local community were effusively appreciative of the efforts, with many claiming they hadn’t seen the garden look so good in years. Such positive words and the satisfaction of a job done well have only spurred our volunteers to do more. In fact, there are active plans to further expand the team’s community outreach programs across the New York and New Jersey areas.