Hosting STEM camps for underprivileged students

Few will disagree that STEM learning brings deep understanding, and with it the ability to recognize our own true potential and the extent to which we might be amplified by modern science and technology. There is also little disagreement that we must change our education systems and challenge our assumptions around making STEM learning equally accessible to all. Having said that, there is much disagreement about how best to do this. However, every simple and small effort in this direction is significant. 


A group of 10 volunteers from Infosys, Atlanta, hosted two STEM camps, conducted by ALOE - Another Level of Excellence, an NGO that brings together corporates in Atlanta to provide educational support through these camps for underprivileged kids. 

The camps were held on a weekend at the Infosys Atlanta office with volunteers from Infosys hosting and managing the event for about 60 students and their parents. The day-long event covered multiple sessions on topics of STEM, including robotics and artificial intelligence. 

New vistas were opened in young minds. Undoubtedly new opportunities will follow.