About the awards

Innovations, from a lab called life

Innovations that transform lives… where do they happen? In sophisticated labs? Using ultra-modern technology? And advanced equipment?

No, not always.

When an idea or an innovation is driven by empathy towards the less privileged and the determination to resolve their hardships, the way forward inevitably appears before you. Everything around you becomes a resource. Whatever you get your hands on, turns into a valuable asset. And you realize that you are inside one of the grandest labs… a lab called life.

And that’s what makes social innovators so extraordinary. Understanding the magnitude of a problem and the need to find a solution for it, they gather whatever resources they can summon and set off to find an answer. To transform lives. To make the world a fairer, better place for all. The result of which is those numerous life-changing innovations that we see from time to time.

With Aarohan Social Innovation Awards, we provide a platform to celebrate and support such innovations, and help you bring them to life. Through these awards, we are committing to help leading innovators in the social sector to scale their innovations and improve lives. Infosys Foundation is awarding a sum of up to INR 50 lakhs to help relevant innovations scale up.

The objective of Aarohan Social Innovation Awards is to accelerate innovation and scale the impact of relevant ideas. We would like to recognize and help individuals, teams or NGOs, who are developing unique solutions for social problems.

If you have a unique product or a solution that can make a difference, or know someone who has an idea that can change the world, then here’s your platform. We believe in innovation, from the heart.