Delivering 21st Century Digital Skills

Infosys Foundation USA works with our partners and stakeholders to achieve impact with K-12 educators, students, and their communities through the programs and initiatives we support. Our efforts are underpinned by a commitment to diversity and inclusion within the most under-resourced populations with a vision to empower every individual to access opportunity in the 21st-century digital economy.

1 million+ K-12 educators
23 million+ K-12 students

Source: Infosys Foundation USA, Grantee Final Report audited by KNAV P.A. Certified Public Accountant in 2020 and estimated to include activity of Foundation until March 2022.

Year in Review 2021

Year in Review 2021

We are pleased to introduce its first-ever ‘Year in Review’ for 2021. This report provides a snapshot of the Infosys Foundation USA’s activities carried out in collaboration with stakeholders, curriculum providers, and non-profit partners in communities across the U.S. Highlights include our virtual Pathfinders Institutes, the expansion of the Infosys Springboard/Pathfinders Online Institute digital learning platform, sponsorship of the CS Teaching Excellence and Infy Maker Awards, and programs supporting a wide variety of inclusive digital skills-based learning initiatives, alongside many other notable achievements. Please find the full report to the right.

2021 Year in Review Report