Infy Maker Awards 2020 Winners! | #InfyMakers

June 03, 2020

Infy Maker Awards 2020 Winners! | #InfyMakers

The Infy Maker Awards is a signature program of Infosys Foundation USA. Now in its fifth year, its goal is to create more opportunities for K-12 students across the U.S. to engage in making. To date, the Infy Maker Awards program has supported more than 80 organizations in these efforts. In 2020, the Foundation received over 200 applications!

This year’s winners come from seven states and represent schools, non-profit organizations, museums and makerspaces. Their projects range from a makerspace serving students with special needs to a program to engage students in learning about solar energy technology.

Here are the 10 winners, which will each receive a grant for $10,000 and professional development support to expand maker education in their communities.

Academy of Math and Science Desert Sky (Phoenix, AZ)
Students at Academy of Math and Science Desert Sky will conduct a sustainability audit and will digitally design and physically build solutions, such as composting bins, to help create a more eco-friendly school campus.

CO.LAB COMMUNITY MAKERS’ Inclusive by Design workshop series will empower students of color, girls, the queer community and other underrepresented groups in underserved communities through collaborative design and making.

Elementary Institute of Science (San Diego, CA)
Elementary Institute of Science will support intensive robotics and STEM career exploration programs for female and low-income middle and high school students.

Explora (Albuquerque, NM)
Explora’s Maker-in-Residence program will provide Maker-led activities and programs in the Studio Inventivo Maker Space and in the classrooms of the 100+ local elementary school teachers involved in Explora’s Maker Educator Community of Practice.

Heart of Los Angeles (Los Angeles, CA)
Heart of Los Angeles' Scientific Arts Department will outfit a new makerspace with tools and equipment more in line with its vigorous maker-based curriculum for elementary through high school students.

Hopewell City Public Schools (Hopewell, VA)
Hopewell City Public Schools will purchase additional equipment for the growing interdisciplinary makerspace at Hopewell High School. The makerspace is currently being used by students for a wide variety of projects ranging from Little Free Libraries and bat houses to school furniture and other structures.

Pace School (Pittsburgh, PA)
Pace School, which serves students with special needs, will build a makerspace to help them learn essential 21st century and social-emotional skills.

Solar Energy International (Paonia, CO)
Solar Energy International will expand its Solar in the Schools program across three counties in Western Colorado, working with 10 more schools that are interested in integrating solar energy technology into their classroom's STEM curriculum in a maker-centric way.

Treobytes (San Diego, CA)
Treobytes will provide hands-on STEM kits for all students during its summer camp and ongoing workshops to support further learning throughout the school year.

Women’s Audio Mission (San Francisco, CA)
Women's Audio Mission will continue to grow its Girls on the Mic program with electronics kits and instruction, providing hands-on maker activities to at-risk girls in a studio built and run by women.

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