Supporting Virtual Learning and Curriculum Development During COVID-19

By Infosys Foundation USA | April 02, 2020

First and foremost, we hope that everyone is staying safe and taking care of themselves during this challenging time.

At Infosys Foundation USA, we have always been focused on expanding access to computer science and maker education to K-12 schools across the U.S. And while classrooms may look a little different now than they did a few weeks ago, our commitment remains. As thousands of schools across the country have closed and gone virtual, we are more committed than ever to give back.

To further digital learning in this new environment, we have given grants to three organizations who are rapidly developing virtual computer science and maker activities for teachers, students and families. Read more about what each is doing below:

Family Code Night

Family Code Night is an organization that hosts evening events at elementary schools for children and their caregivers to engage their first hour of coding, together. With schools closed and millions of families at home, Family Code Night is developing a series of “Home Edition” events so K-5 families can participate in these learning experiences virtually. Family Code Night will also host Spanish language nights for Spanish speaking families with young children.

Project Invent

Project Invent encourages high school students to solve real-world problems using the principles of computer science and making. In response to COVID-19, the team is developing free computer science and maker resources. Specifically, they will host three live webinars where teachers can learn about maker education and develop ideas to solve problems in their communities. They will also launch micro-maker activities for students or teachers to practice making for social good using common household materials.


CoBuild19 is a group of formal and informal educators that came together in response to COVID-19 to source and create low-cost maker activities for children and their caregivers. The team will launch daily activities and challenges (such as fort building) developed and vetted by educators via social media using the hashtag #COBUILD19, as well as activity specific tags. Each activity will have an instructional video, facilitation tips for adults and will be recorded to allow for asynchronous participation.

Stay tuned for more updates about how Infosys Foundation USA is supporting teachers, families and students during these unprecedented times. We are working on some innovative ways behind the scenes to bring even more access to homes across the U.S. Follow us on Twitter @InfyFoundation and check our website for more information.