Back to School 2023

In With The Old And The New

August 28, 2023

As the back-to-school season approaches, educators are gearing up for another year of inspiring young minds and creating future pathways in computer science. To kickstart this year’s academic journey on a high note, we’re thrilled to announce that, back by popular demand, we are re-introducing free kits or licenses to a few of the most popular courses on the Pathfinders Online Institute, together with synchronous mini PDs to accompany the on-demand courses.

US public and Charter School educators who complete the synchronous PD will receive complimentary kits or licenses and become part of the growing Pathfinders Educators community, where they can connect with like-minded CS educators to help inspire new ideas for the classroom.

Learn more about the carefully curated courses below and sign up for your cohort. Seats limited, so act fast!

Cultural Connections with Hummingbird from Birdbrain

Cultural Connections with Hummingbird from Birdbrain

One of our most popular courses, Cultural Connections with Hummingbird, will introduce you to making, robotics, and coding with your brand-new Hummingbird Bit Premium Robotics Kit. Curated for 4th – 12th grade STEM educators, this synchronous PD will teach you to create meaningful robots and engage with your students in culturally responsive making and computer science. You’ll learn both the nuts and bolts of robotics and coding through hands-on experiences and how to integrate robotics into any subject or grade level. Along the way, you’ll learn equitable pedagogical strategies for helping all students see that they belong in computer science.

After the kickoff, you’ll have dedicated support from our teaching team for six weeks as you and your cohort work through the lessons and build a robot. Opportunities to join are limited to 50 teachers per cohort, so sign up today here.

Cohort 1: October 14th – December 4th from 11 am – 2 pm EST

Cohort 2: December 9th – February 5th from 11 am – 2 pm EST

Python with Finch Robot from Birdbrain

Python with Finch Robot from Birdbrain

The Python with Finch Robot PD experience is designed to provide a hands-on exploration of Python and robotics. Educators will use the Finch robot to learn about and practice a wide variety of computer science concepts, from algorithms to variables to loops to lists, and much more! It will also cover strategies that use robotics as a tool for engaging students in learning computer science and computational thinking.

After the kickoff, educators will have dedicated support from the teaching team for six weeks as you and your cohort work through the lessons. The on-demand content, a series of self-paced courses with over 20 short videos are also accessible at any time after the synchronous cohort concludes. Opportunities to join this synchronous PD are limited to 50 teachers per cohort, so act fast! Register here.

Cohort 1: October 7th – November 18th from 11 am – 2 pm EST

Cohort 2: December 2nd – January 20th from 11 am – 2 pm EST

Micro:bit Lessons for CS with Project Trox

Micro:bit Lessons for CS with Project Trox

Specifically tailored for elementary classrooms (grades 3 – 5), this course will teach educators to use MakeCode blocks in the classroom and inspire students to code the micro:bit into captivating projects. K-12 educators in Title 1 funded schools can apply for a free club box of micro:bits, amplifying your curriculum and engaging your students with innovative learning experiences.

Upon completion of the synchronous course, you’re invited to utilize the eight carefully curated lessons that are designed with CSTA standards, working hand-in-hand with comprehensive video starter guides and resources. To register for the course today and further your student’s confidence with computing skills, click here to join the first cohort and here to join the second.

Cohort 1: October 14th from 1 – 4 pm EST

Cohort 2: December 6th from 6 – 9 pm EST

Storytelling through Coding with Elementari

Storytelling through Coding with Elementari

Bring the art of digital storytelling to your elementary classrooms with Elementari’s ‘Getting Started’ course. Challenge your students to create, code, collaborate and publish immersive digital narratives. Within this live synchronous mini-PD, you will navigate Elementari's lesson plans, providing hands-on strategies and techniques to effortlessly integrate it into your curriculum. After your live course session concludes, access your free one-year educator license and bring digital storytelling tools into your curriculum.

To explore Elementari’s dynamic and inclusive curriculum further, we welcome you to access a 90-minute webinar recording, classroom setup tutorials, and grade-specific student example videos available to anyone, at any time. This foundational course is designed as a precursor to the in-depth “Storytelling through Coding - PD and Projects”.

Create your account and register today here.

Live PD: September 23rd from 1 – 4 pm EST