Computer Science Education Week 2020

by Infosys Foundation USA | December 07, 2020

Computer Science Education Week (#CSEdWeek) is meant to inspire students and their families to take an interest in and learn computer science (CS). In line with this year’s theme of #CSforSocialJustice, we’re proud to highlight seven organizations that we’re partnering with to advance CS in communities across the U.S. that are often marginalized and left out of the conversation. Through this work, the Infosys Foundation USA is hopeful that we’ll get closer to reaching our goal of equitable CS access for all.

Tech Kids Unlimited

Tech Kids Unlimited (TKU) is a New York-based organization that is committed to expanding computer science inclusion and learning for differently-abled students. In youth and teen students to code a holiday greeting that can be sent to family and friends. To register for the December 13th workshop, click here.

KISS Institute of Practical Robotics

KISS Institute of Practical Robotics (KIPR) provides students and teachers with meaningful computer science and computational thinking instruction through its Botball program. Through this partnership, KIPR will provide a series of professional development workshops for K-12 teachers from Title 1 schools, rural areas, and Native American communities and provide the ‘Virtual Botball Academy’ tool to help teach computer science and engineering to their students. The content will also be made available on the Pathfinders Online Institute. To register for one of their workshops taking place this week, click here.

Firia Labs

Firia Labs creates hardware, software, and curriculum to teach Python and coding to K-12 students and teachers. Through the R^3: Rural Robotics Revolution program, Firia will bring CS to underrepresented rural communities across the U.S. by providing these teachers with robots and a two-day professional development workshop. This initiative aims to demystify technological concepts and bring python to more middle and high school classrooms.


AccessCSforAll works to increase the successful participation of students with disabilities in K-12 computing. Through this partnership, AccessCSforAll will host a series of live webinars that will provide teaching advice to K-12 computer science educators who have students who are neurdiverse, visually impaired, hard of hearing, or learning disabled in their classes. These webinars will be recorded and made available to teachers through the Pathfinders Online Institute.

Hispanic Heritage Foundation

Hispanic Heritage Foundation (HHF) works to increase the number of Latina and Latino leaders in society. Through LOFT Coder Summits, HHF partners with technology partnering to host a LOFT Coder Summit virtually on December 9th. To register, click here.

Computer Science Teachers Association

Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) works to empower, engage, and advocate for K-12 computer science teachers worldwide. We are partnering with CSTA, Google, and Cyber Smart to fund grants to CS Honor Societies that will conduct service projects that reach at least 100 students throughout CS Ed Week. To learn more and apply, click here.


AirViz, in partnership with CMU Create Lab, works to empower citizens to improve the air they breathe. In early 2021, they will distribute 150 Speckle air purification kits to the Pathfinders Online Institute to teach these educators how to build and implement the air quality sensors with their students. Through this program, AirViz hopes to help students and teachers gain a deeper understanding of environmental justice issues while promoting the use of STEM technology.

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