Meet our 2021 Summer Interns!

June 30, 2021

This summer, the Infosys Foundation USA welcomed two new interns to its team. Let’s meet Tara and Katelyn!

Meet our 2021 Summer Interns!

1. Introduce yourself - where are you from, where do you go to school and what do you study?

Tara: I’m from Seattle, Washington and I’m studying at the University of Washington, where I am majoring in both economics and psychology.

Katelyn: I am from Wayne, Pennsylvania, which is right outside of Philly. I am currently a rising senior in Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service studying international politics, environmental studies, and French.

2. What about your internship with the Infosys Foundation USA are you most excited about and what do you hope to learn?

T: I grew up surrounded by a lot of computer science and maker fairs, so I love that I’m able to contribute to a team that helps make this education more accessible to the K-12 community. I’m looking forward to further developing my marketing and communications skills, as well as learn more about working in the nonprofit sector.

K: This summer, I am most excited to learn more about the importance of bringing maker education and computer science (CS) resources to K-12 students. Since I do not come from a CS background, engaging with these topics and the teachers who promote them has already been so eye-opening, and I can’t wait to participate in the Pathfinders Summer Institute and other informative experiences.

3. What are your career goals?

T: I’m hoping to look more into behavioral economics as a field, and at some point, go back to school for a graduate degree.

K: In the future, I hope to build on my work with the Infosys Foundation USA to pursue a career in corporate social responsibility (CSR). This could be a position equally related to education equity and resource distribution, one more closely related to sustainability, or something new entirely. CSR is a great way to put the resources corporations have to good use, and I’d love to continue being a part of that.

4. Any new hobbies you picked up in the last year?

T: Over the last year, I’ve had more of a return to my hobbies than picking up new ones. With how hectic life was before the pandemic as a college student, I didn’t really have time for my hobbies. With the pandemic, came a lot of extra time and so I was able to reignite my love for reading and painting.

K: In the last year I have learned more about recording and producing the songs I write, and I actually used this new knowledge to release some music on all streaming services! You can find my latest song ‘chasing stars’ anywhere under Katelyn Barr.

5. What’s a fun fact about you?

T: I have played nine sports competitively, yet I am still very unathletic.

K: A fun fact about me is that I’m currently helping my mom edit her second novel! The first is called ‘Goodbye, Mr. Spalding,’ and it is an incredible middle-grade historical novel and baseball book set in Philadelphia during the Great Depression. I would highly recommend checking it out!