Check out the Infosys Foundation USA at SXSW EDU 2021

March 05, 2021

Next week, the Infosys Foundation USA will participate in SXSW EDU 2021, which will be held virtually from March 9th – March 11th. This annual event fosters innovation and learning within the education community and we are excited to join our peers to discuss some of the most pressing issues in education today.

For many, the conference marks one year since COVID-19 related lockdowns were enforced, disrupting the concept of business-(and life)-as-usual. As schools, students and teachers were among those most significantly impacted by these changes, it is critical that we come together for these important conversations and begin to chart a new path forward.

Infosys Foundation USA focuses on advancing computer science and maker learning across the United States and we will be convening a panel that looks at how teachers forged ahead in this last year of uncertainty. Join us on March 11th at 11am CST in a conversation titled "Zooming in on CS When You’re All Zoom’d Out," with our Executive Director, Kate Maloney, Michelle Strickland, a teacher from Trigg County Schools, and Adam Maltese, a professor at Indiana University. Please find the session details below.

Zooming in on CS When You’re All Zoom’d Out
We’ve seen a seismic shift in education over the past 12 months with K-12 teachers going to great lengths to reach their students. Despite their best attempts, the struggle is real during these truly unprecedented times. This session will explore strategies to support teachers in various stages of their computer science and maker education teaching journeys - from effective remote & hybrid delivery to teaching with limited resources to basic engagement.

We also invite you to visit our booth in the Exhibition Hall to learn more about all that we do to support teachers and students.

Check out the Infosys Foundation USA at SXSW EDU 2021