Pathfinders Institute

The Pathfinders Institute is a signature professional development program for K-12 public school teachers in computer science and maker education that is hosted by the Foundation in collaboration with leading curriculum providers. It has been convened in-person, virtually during the pandemic and now offered year-round in a digital learning platform format. Since 2018, in-person and virtual conferences have reached over 2,200 teachers.

Pathfinders Online Institute

The Pathfinders Online Institute is a dynamic online learning platform that is part of the wider Infosys Springboard initiative bringing high-quality computer science and maker ed content for K-12 students, teachers, and families. Creating an account gives free access to high-quality resources such as professional development, live webinars and instructional resources from a variety of leading content developers. In addition to providing asynchronous content, the Pathfinders Online Institute is designed to encourage community among the 15, 000+ (and growing) users of the digital learning platform.

Pathfinders Online Institute

Past Pathfinders Institutes

Pathfinders Summer Institute 2021

The Infosys Foundation USA hosted its fourth annual Pathfinders Summer Institute from July 18-23, 2021! This engaging virtual professional development experience brought together hundreds of K-12 public school teachers for a week of computer science and maker education.

K-12 public school teachers from 46 states, who teach across multiple disciplines, came together in our virtual classroom to build new skills to bring back to their students. Stay tuned for updates on upcoming Pathfinders Institutes and we hope to see you in our virtual classroom soon!

Pathfinders Winter Institute 2021

The Infosys Foundation USA hosted its second annual Pathfinders Winter Institute virtually, February 12-15, 2021. While it was not in-person due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it was an engaging virtual professional development opportunity that engaged 279 K-12 public school computer science and maker educators from 46 states. Of the attendees, 175 teachers were completely new to computer science, and 206 were from Title 1 Schools! To gain insight about what an in-person Pathfinders Institute looks like, check out our video to the right that recaps the 2020 Pathfinders Winter Institute, which took place in Providence, RI and hosted 250 teachers from 40 states for a week of hands-on professional development in computer science and maker education.